Building a Legacy

Starts with a company of integrity

Developing a truly special property starts with an exceptional developer. At Northland, we take pride in being a property’s steward and greatest champion.

By the time a community is developed, we have nuanced and analyzed every inch, contour, tree, outcropping and vista. For the prospective homeowner, this means a one-of-a-kind view.

For us, it ensures the landscape has been preserved, enhanced, or restored to its original glory.

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Looking to sell or develop your land?

The communities we create are the result of working with the land and maximizing the natural amenities and economic value inherent in each piece of property.

Our most successful projects are the result of working closely with landowners, conservation groups, municipalities and family estates to appropriately monetize the economic value of their property while at the same time preserving their legacy in the property. We strongly advocate "smart growth,” environmentally sensitive land planning and highest and best use of a property


There are builders. There are developers.
Then there is Northland Residential.


Need an example of our dedication to building a legacy?

Take a look at our work at Woodlands at Belmont Hill. This historic property was brought to new levels of luxury in our capable hands. Today, it’s one of suburban Boston's most desirable neighborhoods.

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How about our focus on smart growth?

Dorset Park is an award-winning property that is a walkable, transit-oriented development that also provides residents ready access to parks, workplaces, transit opportunities, retail outlets, and conservation land. See how we built a dynamic place to live, work and play.


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