Building Legacies. Preserving Landscapes.
Extraordinary properties and teams garner rave reviews.

Over five decades ago, Northland Residential Corporation was founded on the philosophy that excellence begins from the ground up.

I love the way the light comes in.

“The light just absolutely pours in. Everybody responds to the light when they come in, and they say it feels like I'm outdoors here. So, it's almost like a tree house, and I would say that’s my favorite thing about this build.”

- MD | Wolcott Woods

The Northland team helped to make our transition seamless. 

“Transitioning from a little farmhouse in rural New Jersey to a retirement community so close to Boston was a dramatic lifestyle change, but the Northland team helped to make our transition seamless. Beyond building beautiful, well-crafted, thoughtfully designed homes, Northland has gone a step further to develop whole communities.”

- PK | Wolcott Woods

 I can't say enough about Jack and his organization. 

“Through the COVID downturn that brought unforeseen challenges with supply lines and equipment shortages, Jack masterfully guided his team to not only weather the storm, but yield a remarkable return on investment. Jack and his team were well-equipped to handle the unique problems that arose...Their communication was great, and I was kept in the loop as things developed. I can't say enough about Jack and his organization, their integrity, their reporting. And, every deal they've done that I've been involved in, they've done extremely well on return.”

- DQ | Investor

Jack and his team are a well-oiled machine.. 

“I found my property to be very well thought-out in terms of the design and quality of work — an open floor concept with plenty of room and some nice touches, excellent floor and hardware options. The location is incredibly unique with some good open space, and the setting just feels like a nice community atmosphere.”

- JM | Fieldstone Way

The setting's beautiful to drive in...

“The landscaping is meticulous, and the outside architecture is beautiful. My wife and I drove in, and we just looked at each other, stopped the car and said this is it — We did a deal within two days.”

- JS | Fieldstone Way

As soon as I set foot on the property, I knew I was home. 

“Wolcott Woods offered everything I loved about Metrowest living, and it was hard to believe I was only 15 minutes from Boston. I was actually surprised to be so close to Boston, so convenient to everything and still feel close to nature in such a beautiful setting. Wolcott Woods is the best of both worlds – the feel of living in the beauty of colonial Massachusetts while being 15 minutes from everything the city offers.”

- AG | Wolcott Woods

Adept. Keen. Accurate.

“Jack is adept at finding creative solutions to challenges as they arise...with a keen ability to visualize the entire scope of a project from the land selection to accurately assessing what can be done, how it can best be achieved with minimal impact and maximum benefit to all involved.”

- NC | Corcoran & Associates

Northland builds such a solid, energy-efficient home, and they've been so reliable and responsive.

“We came from a house we lived in for 43 years and, while it's hard to move, we're now in our new home at Fieldstone Way, and we are so glad that we did! Northland builds such a solid, energy-efficient home, and they've been so reliable and responsive—they really do what they promise. It's really wonderful to live in our beautiful, brand-new home!”

- S&BK | Fieldstone Way

Their attention to detail is impeccable, their responsiveness is commendable, and their love of the work is reflected in their impressive performance. 

“Witnessing the team’s interactions with each other, especially in terms of the interchange between Jack, Rick and Elaine, it’s evident that they care about the people they work with, from employees to investors. That shows me I’m investing with people who not only treat each other well, but genuinely care about the work they do. Their attention to detail is impeccable, their responsiveness is commendable, and their love of the work is reflected in their impressive performance. It should be no surprise that their investor relationships have grown with their remarkable body of work.”

- BD | Investor

Northland has really got this down to a science. 

“Despite all the supply chain issues and labor issues affecting markets, Northland delivered on time. You can call it good planning, you can call it Jack’s 40 years of experience in the business, but to our amazement they delivered when they said that they were going to deliver on the predicted day, you know, six, seven months out.”

- RK

One of the best developers in the northeast. 

“Northland Residential's sensitivity to land planning and design, respect for community dynamics, skill in obtaining development approvals, and quality of their homes is unmatched. It is a pleasure to work with Northland, and an honor to represent them in the marketing and sale of their projects. They have a dedication to excellence in their work—At the scale of development they are doing, they bring a level of care and creativity that is just not seen with a lot of other other developers. ”

- DR | Chairman, LandVest

They set the bar high. 

“Northland thinks about the buildings and natural landscapes that distinguish their extraordinary properties as one, where interior rooms, filled with sunlight, open to great outdoor spaces and wonderful vistas. They set the bar high, challenging the design team to realize the full potential of their incredible sites, but Jack and the Northland team support us along the way with a combination of talent, experience, and a sense of humor that is unique in the industry.”

- EB | The Architectural Team, Inc.

We are so happy in our new home at Fieldstone Way! 

“We now have all the features we wanted in a home such as a neighborhood location that's both close to town and walking trails, a first-floor bedroom, a two-car garage— just to name a few. And, it was a pleasure working with Northland Residential. They were extremely helpful with all the planning and design details and quick to respond to any questions. We are very pleased we made the decision to move to Fieldstone Way!”

- M&JS | Fieldstone Way

Our Vision, Knowhow, and Exceptional Standards Set Us Apart.

Northland Residential Corporation is a vertically integrated residential real estate investment, development, construction, and management company. Our team works closely with landowners, municipal authorities, neighborhood stakeholders, and Industry experts to create landmark residential communities. Few firms have the breadth of residential experience of Northland. Rooted in “up country” New England land development, for fifty-plus years the firm has curated its portfolio to include exceptionally well executed suburban single-family subdivisions, age-targeted townhome developments and rental housing communities.

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